Windows 11, has many notable points.


Thus, Microsoft officially introduced Windows 11 – the next operating system version with a lot of changes in interface, user experience, features and performance. There’s a lot to talk about on Windows 11, here are the most notable ones:

Microsoft’s changes on Windows 11 are very suitable for the trend of studying and working in the near future, when the COVID pandemic is still happening. However, what people are most looking forward to is the interface of Windows 11 – a necessary innovation after 5 years since Windows 10 launched.

* Fluent Design interface design.

The interface of Windows 11 like what you have seen in the recent leak shows the maximum Fluent Design style. The taskbar is refreshed with the Start Menu in the middle, this layout is completely different from the traditional layout of the Start Menu in the left corner of the Taskbar, thereby making the Taskbar look more like a dock and less boring. Next is a change in small but necessary interface elements such as curved application windows, menus and especially a new set of icons that are more beautiful and more synchronized. The Start Menu uses AI technology to display what you frequently use as well as frequently opened documents, just like Office applications.

* Snap Layouts feature splits the multi-layout window.

The multitasking experience on Windows 11 is also improved with the Snap Layouts feature that splits the multi-panel window, Snap Groups remembers and automatically restores sorted application window groups. The feature of working with multiple Desktops has also been improved, allowing you to set a wallpaper for each Desktop to manage and divide functions.

* Built-in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is now integrated on Windows 11. Teams is becoming an extremely useful tool for people to connect with each other during this social distancing period, and it is also a tool for online conversation and work. or the best distance learning currently available. Microsoft Teams is a suitable addition on Windows 11, and Microsoft also designed the Chat feature of Microsoft Teams to be located on the Taskbar for us to communicate more easily. Through the Chat feature, we can send messages between Teams users or from Teams to SMS.

* Higher quality graphics.

Windows 11 is designed with gamers in mind. Microsoft has brought two very expensive features on Xbox Series X / S, Auto HDR and Direct Storage to Windows 11. Auto HDR helps automatically convert SDR game graphics to HDR, thereby providing more realistic graphics quality in terms of light. light and depth. Meanwhile, the Direct Storage API helps game data be loaded from the SSD via RAM into the graphics card’s memory instead of through the CPU, thereby helping the game to start up faster as well as the graphics card can handle large game data well. than. This feature is available with all DirectX 12 enabled GPUs and PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSDs or higher. The Xbox App has been reworked, becoming a place for games as we can rent/purchase/download games with Xbox Game Pass or use the Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud gaming service with a single app.

* Widgets support.

Widgets are back with Windows 11 but in a more beautiful and useful shape since the days of Windows Vista. Microsoft designed a separate Widgets area, supporting Widgets from 3rd party applications in addition to information such as weather, personalized news using AI. The Widgets pane can be opened from the left edge of the screen, dragging to the right will open the full screen.

* Support running Android apps.

The Microsoft Store is refreshed with a simpler display, faster loading speed, and the Entertainment section has been reworked so that users can access entertainment content more conveniently. The most important, most surprising thing announced by Microsoft is the support for Android apps.

Users will be able to download Android apps right from the Microsoft Store with the app sourced from the Amazon App Store, ensuring the app’s authenticity. In addition, the Android application will run natively on Windows 11, which means it works in the application window and supports the split-window Snap features like a regular Windows application.

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